The imminence of major disturbance

Saturday June 7, 2008

There I was, and Dolly, too, thinking we’d have a nice long lazy day.  I’d planned it so I didn’t need to go out for provisions until Graham comes back home tomorrow and was just recovering from the second sleep of the day–the one between breakfast and lunch–when the phone rang.

It was the agent, of course, asking if he could bring a couple over to view more or less immediately.  I pleaded for forty-five minutes, got it, and leapt into action tidying and staging.  Made it with ten minutes to spare and sat quietly in the kitchen corner.

They were a nice couple, ex-service or soon to be so, and they love the house.  The agent seems to think that the MOD will arrange funds for them so it’s just a matter of hoping they don’t find anything they like better before they have to make a final decision.  The loved the garden, too, and raved over Dolly.  She, it seems, took a liking to them and lead them from upper room to upper room, being polite and considerate.  I tell ya, that cat is uncanny sometimes.  No, I’ll take that back.  She’s uncanny all the time but sometimes you don’t have to look very hard to see it.

So, off they toddled into a lovely sunny afternoon, I updated Graham, and then Dolly and I settled down once more to resume our nap.  I got restless after about an hour and had to get up to pace the kitchen floor.

I dunno.  Just as you think the time may be in sight when thumb-sucking is the best way, your world is threatened with major disturbance.  Again.


10 responses to “The imminence of major disturbance

  1. Ah, but, John, this is a *good* kind of disturbance, is it not? In any case, I have fingers crossed and mojo streaming for a happy conclusion. And a scritchy-scratch for the inimitable Dolly.

  2. Oho! and then again, Aha! And then crossed fingers that this time it’s the real thing and all will soon be a fait accompli! And how very wise, just to let Dolly run the show(ing)! Who better to set the proper domestic mood?

  3. Good luck with this. I’m sure it would be a big relief to get the deal done so you & Graham & Dolly could concentrate on moving to your future home.

  4. How wonderful! That’s really good news, especially the part about the MOD lining up the cash for the mortgage. When veterans’ benefits are good, they are very, very good.

    Hugs for you, Dolly and Graham,
    ~ Sil

  5. Seems to me you are getting a lot more good lookers since changing agents.

  6. Any news ?

  7. Let’s hope that Dolly made the sale. 🙂

  8. We’re certainly getting the viewings, and that means we’ll secure a sale sooner or later. As to news on yesterday’s viewing, that’ll not emerge until Monday (tomorrow) at the earliest–the agency is closed now for the weekend. On past experience I expect a ‘no’ to emerge mid-late afternoon; I’ve no idea when a ‘yes’ might come!

  9. I’m enjoying the image of Dolly conducting the house tour. She’s moved house enough times now I’m sure she’s quite skilled at how it’s all done.

  10. oh, that cat does such a great job!

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