It’s good to be home

Sunday June 8, 2008

To the holiday camp over hot, sunny roads, air-conditioning keeping me cool and happy in my little silver Ford.  It’s a darn shame that petrol prices–£1.31 per litre–have made me wary of unnecessary journeys.  I suspect that my definition of ‘necessary’ may be in for a change.

I have been looking at painters and their paintings again, in my text books and on the Internet.  Mostly Impressionist and post-Impressionist.  An idle occupation at first but I became more and more immersed as I went on.  I don’t think I learned anything I didn’t already know but with each passing decade my viewpoint and perspective changes what and how I see.  I was particularly struck when I was reminded that Vincent van Gogh produced all of his work in the space of ten years.

My fingers itch.

Graham is more and more certain in his intuition that we shall imminently find a buyer.  I tremble with anticipation.

Lunch was brie, crusty bread, and the sweetest little tomatoes I’ve ever tasted.  I washed the fruits carefully and served them on the vine to maximum visual effect.  I drizzled a tiny splash of olive oil over one end of mine but Graham passed on that one.

Dinner was Caesar salad with a small mushroom quiche and rather tasty ‘new’ potatoes.  Between the caravan and the house we seem to have built up rather a glut of very small and exceedingly tasty tangerine oranges that need to be consumed in the next day or two.

“Mmmm.  Tasty,” said Graham.  “It’s good to be home.”

8 responses to “It’s good to be home

  1. Welcome home — again — Graham. Hope your instincts about an imminent sale are spot on. It would make my mojo look good, don’cha know? John, if you keep talking about tasty tomatoes, I will go mad. Haven’t had any *tasty* tomatoes for awhile and I’m hungering for the little beasties.

  2. I’m completely ignoring the petrol increase personally. I don’t spend to excess and still save even though I earn bleep all, so I’m just going to turn a blind eye to it and hope it doesn’t chew into what I save too much. I can’t stop going for drives, they’re more important to me that new clothes or tv or buying films etc. so, they’re worth whatever I have to spend to have them.

    Still feverishly crossing fingers and toes, it’s an odd sight, but there you go

  3. I trust Graham’s intuition, seems like he’s often right. Could it be a Welsh connection to the deep subconscious? Good fortune to you, in any case. Stands to reason that you are closer to a sale now than you were last week.

    Best wishes and special petting for the showing lady, Dolly,
    ~ Sil

  4. Also crossing fingers and toes for your house sale. Wondering though what would you do without Dolly? Finally she has taken the matter into her paws and is selling the house by herself! 🙂

  5. Tomatoes here came under the salmonella watch. They suggested those still with vine. Of course they are the more expensive ones. 🙂

  6. Shirley, in PA

    Here’s hoping Graham’s right, and your house sells quickly. I love salads in summer – fresh produce and a good way to avoid cooking.

  7. I have some splendid reproductions of various painters, all purchased at various museums for around $1.00. (50P?)

  8. You are getting very close to selling your house. We sold ours in this very bad market after lowering the price, and our house was a very tall town house with steep steps. In the end, we sold to an artist who appreciates the unique character of the house. He did get a real bargain, but, then again, so did we on the house that we bought.

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