Talking through the coffee

Monday June 9, 2008

To Taunton so’s Graham could pick up his new spectacles and a few other bits.  He is delighted with the sudden boost to the clarity of his world but, as I warned, is needing a little time and effort to adjust to the bifocals.  And to wearing spectacles all the time–prior to this he’s stuck to reading glasses only.  He’s happy, though, and working at it.

While we were at the opticians I became caught up in the spirit of the thing, and booked myself in for an eye test on Thursday morning.  I’ve been having a little trouble with my left eye and it’ll do no harm to have it subjected to the funny test machines they use these days, leave alone the attention of a qualified oculist or whatever they call themselves.  Additionally, they are running a BOGOF deal on new spectacles and I could do with new reading glasses now that I seem to be returning to recreational reading.

The remainder of the excursion was fine, and successful.  The only jarring note was a mistake in Subway’s where I opted for a breakfast on Italian cheese bread.  My tummy didn’t like the mix and began to protest within half an hour.  They don’t call me an old farty for nothing.

Home, to find a letter waiting for me with an appointment to see the consultant for the results of my boobiopsy, exactly on time at three weeks from the procedure.  Monday June 23 is the day I get told what’s what and the wherefores.  I shall be glad to get that one over and done with but Graham’s coming with me again, just in case I need a supporting arm.

Then, lunch, and a protracted siesta, hoping to see the heat of the day good and gone before I staggered into action once more.  Sadly, although I did get a healthy nap, it was curtailed by the telephone.

Graham took the call, and spoke to the agent.  For one horrified moment I thought we were going to get an offer.  It was too late in the day to be making an appointment to view.

However, it was no more than an update on our two most recent viewings.  The first lady is so determined to get our house that she’s dropped the price on hers by a full £10k in an effort to encourage her potential buyer.  The other, female side of the soon to be ex-service couple, is consulting her financial adviser to sort out her mortgage position.  Our agent is quite plainly playing them off one against the other.

“Clever little sod,” I said when Graham related the story to me.  “He’ll have them wrestling in mud before he’s finished, see if he doesn’t.”


“Messy devil.  You should never talk with a mouthful of coffee.”


11 responses to “Talking through the coffee

  1. “boobiopsy”, you know, you’ve found a real productive spring of silliness in this..

    On the edge of my seat with the house stuff, thank God there’s movement! Glad to hear your agent seems to be enjoying himself too – an engaged/excited salesman is a closer 😉

  2. Sounds hopeful 🙂

  3. Shirley, in PA

    Yes, it will be sold soon. Good news.

  4. Now this agent seems to be working to earn his commission. Good for him! Continued good wishes for all concerned.

  5. Boobiopsy indeed a proper description. lol

    Best wishes that they don’t push the ladies too far that they go off looking elsewhere. Never know what ladies will do. rotfl

  6. “For one horrified moment I thought we were going to get an offer”…

    That made me laugh, John.

    I’m with Bonnie – “Never know what ladies will do”! We’re a finicky lot, we are.

  7. OK, they can wrestle in mud, but let’s remember: show me the money first.

  8. We all eagerly await the results.

    Glad Graham likes what he sees out here. And yes, perhaps they need to wrestle after they pass the money over.

  9. If it was bad news you would have been told immediately. Three weeks wait is very good.

  10. Glad to hear all your good news. Hope Graham didn’t stain his shirt in response to your wit. 😉 I’m glad to see your sense of humour is sprouting wings again.

    Hugs from the far side,
    ~ Sil

  11. They can wrestle in mud all they want, but the winner has to shower off before entering the house for another tour.

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