New cushions for old

Thursday June 12, 2008

Optician day.  I was not impressed with the consultant, or the desk clerk, or the examination.  By the time I got to the friendly lady who marked the papers for my preferred bifocal configuration and made up my bill I was too taken up with being unimpressed that I didn’t really do her justice, because she was quiet, confident, and friendly.  I get the new spectacles–a pair of bifocals and another plain reading glasses–in about a fortnight and shall save my final judgement until then.  As to being a pleasant experience, it was not, and I shall not go back to Boots the Chemist for optical services again.  Ever.

I was a little disturbed to find that the unpleasant experience in Boots had coloured my morning tired and grey.  Driving to Taunton had been a delight and we went slowly, savouring the landscape and the skies.  Driving home to Bridgwater was a heads-down job, and couldn’t come along fast enough.

So here’s to you, Boots the Chemist.  May all your troubles be large ones.

Home was at the end of the journey, quietly welcoming, a smile-making place that mended my spirits.  It was too breezy for lunch in the garden–note to self:  try to have a wind screen around the next garden table–but I sat in the sun by the french doors from kitchen to patio and enjoyed a light sandwich meal followed by a splendid thick-skinned orange from Morocco.  Still no wine to complete it, but I shall wear him down, see if I don’t.

In the evening we watched the first segment of the boxed set of A Year in Provence and were captured by it just as we were when it was first broadcast. A long holiday in the Luberon would do me a power of good.

My legs were still pavement-pounded so I settled down on a floor cushion to watch the telly, with my back propped up by Graham’s new cushions.  They were not made for that purpose, but they functioned perfectly.  The face of the cushions is recycled from an antique kilim which we bought from IKEA years back.

New cushions by Graham


11 responses to “New cushions for old

  1. Nice cushions! Is there anything Graham can’t do?
    We have the “Year In Provence” box set too but have yet to watch it. We loved it when it was on the TV.

  2. Lovely cushions.

  3. Lovely cushions!

    I seem to remember a prior unhappy experience with the optical department at Boots the Chemist some years back where you cancelled an order for spectacles when you were able to get almost identical ones elsewhere at about half the price in half the time. Fie on Boots!

  4. Well I certainly hope Boots gave you the correct prescription!

    Indeed the pillows look rugged enough for a good old fashion pillow fight. Might one be in store til you get your wine? 🙂

  5. Lovely cushions! 🙂

  6. I see pillows and I wonder where’s Dolly?

  7. Shirley, in PA

    Love the cushions.

  8. When I simply needed glasses to correct for near-sightedness I would shop at one of those eyeglasses chains — which I suppose is something like going to Boots the Chemist. When my arms began to get to be too short (i.e., when I began to need bifocals) I would go to a real eye doctor and get a prescription that I would then take to the eyeglasses chain to fill. Now that my eyes are even older I go to a local group of eye doctors (although I always see the same doctor — a guy who is even older than I am, so I figure he knows all about elderly eyes **grin**) and the doctors also own an eyeglasses shop so I buy my glasses from their shop. (I have a very complex and expensive prescription.)

  9. Yes, let’s hope the glasses work. He was brave cutting up the rug. Glad the machine handled the thick rug well.

  10. Ah, the cushions are very handsome! Must have been the devil to work on that heavy material, though. Congrats to Graham for a fine job.
    As to Boots the Chemist eyeglasses, what can you say? I once had a pair of bifocals made up that I knew were wrong from the start. They told me I’d get used to ’em. Took ’em back to the prescribing physician , and I was right! The idjits had reversed the prescription!!!! Worked fine when they turned it around and put the lower area above and vice versa. Sigh.

  11. Somehow I knew the cushions would be more than a little fabric and four seams. Once again, Graham shows us how talented he is!

    Thanks, Joan! I told Graham what you said and he did the full Oh, Shucks! act… 😀

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