One extra glass

Friday June 13, 2008

Graham’s “weekend” stint started this evening; he’ll be home again sometime on Sunday.

We’re treating it as a matter of routine now. Not liking the absence much but he feels obliged to earn some pennies while we’re waiting to sell the house and this is as good a way of doing it as any.

He takes a small food pack with him with each week. Fresh fruit and salad, some decent bread, a couple of packs of chilled pasta type meals he can nuke. The food at the holiday camp, while safe enough, doesn’t agree with him or with our taste. So, on the morning before his departure, he comes along to the supermarket with me and fills a bag with goodies.

Today we had to call in at the Post Office depot to pick up a parcel that’d failed delivery when we were out yesterday. I had no idea what it might be so it was fun to watch him rip the packing open to reveal a pair of newly eBayed items for his mid-20th century ceramics collection. The first of them, a small vase by Alan Wallwork, is much to my liking, with the right heft and feel to it. Right for me, that is. The other, a deeply incised thick pot by Chris Aston, makes me feel uneasy to look at and to hold. Both of them are good additions to the collection however, and astonishing bargains, too. Click on the thumbs to see the larger versions:

Looking at them on the shelf when we got home, Graham expressed himself well pleased but was puzzled as to my reaction to the Aston pot. I played the innocent and said I didn’t know. I wouldn’t want him to know that it brings mildly disturbing images of Peruvian child mummy sacrificial burials into my strange head. I most strongly believe that the viewer of an art work brings as much of himself into the viewing; it’s not Aston’s fault that I take it the way I do, and I’d certainly not want to spoil Graham’s liking for it with my head-borne baggage.

Then, off to the holiday camp. The return trip was fair enough. I wasn’t in a hurry even though there was a nice piece of haddock waiting for me to turn into a scrumptious dinner. I took my routine two glasses of wine with it, went to put the bottle back in the fridge ready for tomorrow, shrugged, and poured a third glass.

Well, I wanted to toast the new additions to our family of pots, and to raise my glass to Graham in his absence. And it was only one extra glass.


6 responses to “One extra glass

  1. Looks like an evil spell down the side of that Wallwork piece. Be careful 😦

  2. Well, at least there’s some decent telly on tonight, does this mean Grahams going to miss Dr Who?

  3. Alison: Graham says the symbols are very similar to those used on electronic circuit diagrams, for triodes. I’d thought that such words were defunct, and forgotten… Care will be taken!

    Lou: Nah, I record Dr Who for him and, often as not, wander off while it’s playing. That way we get to watch it together later in the week.

  4. If my husband ever sat down to watch anything I was I’d faint dead away. πŸ™‚

  5. “And it was only one extra glass.”
    Yes, and it wasn’t at lunchtime. LOL.

  6. I have a confession to make. A memory slip, in fact.

    See, I got in a muddle and switched the potter’s names around. I’ve switched ’em the right way now and send my apologies for the confusion. Woe is me!

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