Only if you panic

Sunday June 15, 2008

Filling stations close

To West Quantoxhead to pick up Graham. He wasn’t admitting to being weary, and kept on going right through dinner. Then he gave in and flopped, to sleep almost as fast as me.

I sleep just about the instant my head hits the pillow these days, and am difficult to wake. Which is good. The length of time I stay asleep varies, depending on which of leg pain or dry throat wakes me first. I can usually reckon on between four to six hours, which isn’t too bad. I’m usually awake and moving in time to catch the dawn chorus however, and that really is good.

On leaving the Sainsbury’s car park I noticed they’d been obliged to close the filling station. “No Fuel,” the notice stated, regretfully.

“It’s all this panic buying,” I said.

“You’re a fine one to talk.”

“That wasn’t panic buying. That was prudent anticipation.”

“Doesn’t that amount to the same thing?”

“Only if you panic.”



9 responses to “Only if you panic

  1. We refuse to panic! We just don’t panic… 🙂

  2. It was good advice for Arthur Dent . . .

  3. I know, I top off the tank every time I go out, partly because the price goes up every day, partly because of worries over scarcity. Thank God we have a bus here, though…

  4. I hope my husband doesn’t let the tank get too empty as he’d have to drive hither and yon if he found no gas. Imagine the stations would stay open because they have little groceries in them.

  5. I have never felt especially nostalgic about the early 1970s and do not feel any great desire to revisit them.

  6. Ah, John, I do love your way of thinking! And always with a bit of mischief and a twinkle, as well.

  7. I wanted to get some petrol yesterday as the car was running on fumes.Only one pump had unleaded and that had a queue.So I went to another more expensive and put £15 worth in there.I am so glad that I changed to a small car last year,petrol goes further these days.I have no wish to revisit the 70’s either,they were a nightmare.

  8. I use a half a tank of gas every week. It’s now costing me $38.00. Last week it was $35.00, the week before $33.00…and on and on.

    I remember back in the 70’s, pushing my little yellow Subaru up to the gas pumps after running out of gas while waiting in line! I don’t wish to visit that era again, either!

  9. We still have plenty of gas, and I live where the price is controlled, but we still pay dearly for our transportation. We have no public transportation, and the area is rural, so we have no option to driving long distances. I have finally mastered the art of driving with cruise control, and using my brakes only when I have to come to a complete stop or turn a 90-degree corner. What a difference in my gasoline consumption that has made.

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