Coughs and comments

Monday June 16, 2008

Graham woke with another summer cough, which has grown steadily worse throughout the day.  I tell ya, that there holiday camp is a place where you’re almost bound to catch something or other.  I saw at least three members of staff wandering about in a stupor of ill-health, as though gallows-bound.  Hey ho.  He’ll be over it in time to go back on Friday, see if he’s not.

I ventured out for provisions.  The roads are quiet and for that we have the price and the scarcity of petrol to blame.  Or praise.  I’m driving very carefully to conserve the fuel I have in my tank but if this strike goes on too long the little silver Ford will have to be lodged away carefully until it’s all over.  That’d be a shock to my system.

And I truly hate driving in hot weather without the air conditioning going full blast.

Once home I settled to the task of working out the best way to establish a new blog in readiness for the journal’s clean restart on July 5.  I gave Blogger a try–still don’t like it.  Eventually I fell back on WordPress.

Then it was a matter of coming up with a new name and title.  Much gazing out of the window took place, balancing this against that, and that against this.  After several attempts I decided upon ‘and no cheese’.  You’re welcome to go and have a look at it if you’re curious–only one entry of course, and an About page to explain the title.  Comments and criticisms most gratefully received but, as with this version, there not really much I can do about the base appearance and mechanics of the thing;  using a blog as the medium for an online journal is to state that you’re more interested in content than in its management.

I’m whacked now.  Time to go and flop in front of the telly and watch the second segment of A Year in Provence.


16 responses to “Coughs and comments

  1. I think Graham is run down from those long hours. If my mother were alive she’d say “his resistance is low”.

  2. It’s certainly fresh and clean, but we’ll need a nice graphic/photo in the header, no? Hugs for Graham, and maybe if you’re in the health shop, some Propolis, I find it very good for those run down type coughs etc.

  3. The wordpress theme I’m using doesn’t have a graphic header, Lou. I could put one in myself if I were to take the CSS upgrade but then I’d have to relearn my CSS and a stack of stuff besides. Maybe next year?

    I’ll look into Propolis… ta! 🙂

  4. Good morning all! As often ;.) Lou has it right. And Propolis is very good. As for the new blog just one more thing. Could you please use a darker colour for the font?? We and our eyes are not 20 anymore! 🙂

  5. “As often”… there should be this: 🙂

  6. I’ll have another look at the available themes before I go live… font size and colour aren’t something you can change, sadly, so you have to change the whole theme if you want something different.

  7. I’m with Brigitte on font size and colour. Font is a bit small, particularly in that faded, insipid colour. Could be OK if colour was bolder. Otherwise, fine.

    Hope that cold goes soon and that he keeps it to himself.

  8. Bumping up the size in the browser (cntrl+ or cmd+) helps my temporary vision issue and doesn’t seem to hurt the rendering at all, at least on my laptop, where I find things most challenging. Worth a try!

  9. I know, it seems like the roads are quieter here too.

  10. Best wishes to Graham on a speedy recovery! I understand his wanting to keep cash coming in, but do hope that he can try not to work such long hours.

    I tried Wendy’s suggestion and it worked very well. Very fond of your story about the Yellowhammer, but it seems an odd name for a bunting. Sounds more like a woodpecker’s name.

    Petrol here has been up to 1,999 won/litre but drifted back down to 1,987 won today. (That’s about US $2.00 per litre or $7.50 per US gallon.) We get our oil from Indonesia on a government contract, so the price hasn’t gone up as dramatically as in Europe and the Americas, only a little over 10% in the last few months. I’m watching the BBC to see how the drivers’ strike works out. Sure hope it doesn’t last long!

    Hugs from Asia,
    ~ Sil

  11. Gosh I’m surprised with my ‘one’ eye I had no trouble whatever with the text. Amazing. 🙂

    Glad for the explanation on the header. You know my love of headers. (have you seen the one on xanga?) so me, and I even put glasses in the hand. lol

  12. Thanks for the heads-up on the new blog; have it all set up in my feed reader so not a pot will be missed!

    And I rather like the style….

  13. I tried to leave a comment on the new blog but it told me I had already left one. I don’t see it and I’m not sure what will show up. Anyway, I like it.

  14. At about 19:07 on Tue June 17 I picked up a new theme, using a clearer typeface and a different approach to layout. There is a plain and simple header that I can customise when I get a good idea for a replacement.

    I really appreciate the feedback, folks… thanks!

  15. Gas here (eastern Canada) was 1.45/litre self-serve this afternoon. The young man in the station told me that crude took a big dip yesterday, so he expects that gas will go down next week. Still, I plan to continue using cruise control and driving more slowly.

    I like the look of the new blog. I shall miss this old one, but I have already set another bookmark.


  16. That brings back childhood memories of my mother trying (not very successfully( to recognise birds by their songs.

    There’s an mp3 of the yellowhammer’s song here. You need a good deal of imagination to set the words to it!

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