I’ll tell you when I’m better

Friday June 20, 2008

I invented a new word just now.

“How are you feeling today,” Graham asked.

“Not bad, but I’m totally geschpukled.”

“What does that mean.”

“I’ll tell you when I’m better.”


8 responses to “I’ll tell you when I’m better

  1. awr, poor John. If t’were possible to send an evelope of all-better, I would, we all would no doubt. Good vibes shall have to do in it’s stead.

  2. Ohh, poor, poor John. Sending you all my very best healing and get better wishes!!! And I think I know how it feels to be geschpukled.. 🙂

  3. I wuz just going to turn the computer off for the rest of the day, having remarked how good it’s going to feel when I’m over it.

    There must be a purpose to the common cold… mustn’t there?

  4. I think its purpose is to keep our immune systems alert and hitting on all cylinders. That’s my theory, anyway. That said, I like them about as much as I like
    ‘skeeters, – pestiferous little devils!

  5. At least you will indeed recover. With allergies one only gets reprieves. 🙂

    Use the new word enough some dictionary will add it. Like ‘horrific’…ackkk

  6. I couldn’t possibly think of another word that would fit the circumstances better than “geschpukled”, John. It really has the sound and icky feeling of the malady contained in it. Congratulations on your ingenious coinage!

  7. yes, ‘ges..etc.’, suggests green and runny and down, doesn’t it?

  8. Hope the geschpukledfication ends quickly.

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