Nothing special

Saturday June 21, 2008

It seemed, in the darker hours, like I was never going to pull out of it.  I did of course but not until this morning, when I woke with an almost clear set of tubes and a little burst of energy such as I’ve not experienced for over a week.  A very nasty cold, and it seems that a lot of folks round these parts have been inflicted with it.

Funnily enough, the lowest part wasn’t in the dark hours.  Instead it was at the medical centre’s pharmacist shop.  The girl questioned me closely as to my experience with paracetamol when I asked for a supply of Night Nurse and, seemingly unsatisfied with my explanation, walked over to the senior duty pharmacist for a whispered consultation.  Lordy but I hate whispered consultations to which I am not party.  He looked across the shop floor at me, shrugged, and gave his approval.  The girl came back to me and proceeded with the sale.

“What was that all about, then?” I asked.

“I was just checking that it was alright to sell the medicine to you.”

“When did I stop being a customer and become a suspect, then?”

She looked nervous, but decided, probably wisely, to ignore my comment.

Ah well.  Shouldn’t complain, I suppose.  These new rules and regulations, all in the name of Health and Safety, are doubtless well intentioned and meant to protect us from our own foolishness.  And heaven knows I have an ample supply of foolishness.

Anyway.  Graham’s just about over it.  I still have a bit of gully-sucking to do, but I’m feeling pretty good.  And Dolly, well, Dolly decided that the best way was to sleep through it all.  Being fair, it was Dolly keeping her distance and not adopting the matron nurse role that persuaded me that, dreadful though it has been, I’ve not been within sight or sound of death’s door.

Just a cough and a summer cold, no more. Nothing special.


12 responses to “Nothing special

  1. “When did I stop being a customer and become a suspect, then?”

    I like it! I’ll store that response for future use.

  2. Glad you’ve turned the corner 🙂

  3. When she learns to say, “Sir, that happened when you began to resemble the dead gentleman I just read about in Pharmacist Weekly” and give you a wink, then she’ll be good.

  4. Ah – I’m with Chris! I’m storing that line away myself!

    Glad you’re feeling a bit better. Summer colds always seem to be worse, I fear.

  5. What in blue blazes does that stuff have in it that would draw questions? Alcohol high content? 🙂

  6. Can’t be too careful you know, John. Suspicious characters like you lurk out there just looking for their chances to get a hold of something they shouldn’t get their hands on. I’m just teasing, but seriously, there are way too many who take stuff, dangerous and addicting stuff, to get a buzz or whatever. Can’t fault the gal too seriously although she did seem a bit officious to me. But I’m awfully glad you didn’t have to bang your cane on the floor and raise your voice!

  7. Must be adictive or truly vile for the old, harmless, and wize.

  8. “When did I stop being a customer and become a suspect, then?” Oh, wow, what an absolutely brilliant line. I am definitely going to have to steal that one! I almost can’t wait for an opportunity to use it.

  9. Why don’t I ever come up with lines like that one?! lol! Good one. I’ll have to store that one away, too.

  10. Heh! You’re all of you welcome to the use and dissemination of that line. I honestly think it’s mine, and original, but use it, use it!

    I wonder if it’s just me or does the world seem to be a more hostile and cold place when you’re not feeling too well? Too late for me to work on it this time round–I’m mending faster than a politician on the rebound–but I shall try to remember it for the next dose of marauding bugs.

  11. well, good, glad you’re better

  12. ‘When did I stop being a customer and became a suspect’ I love
    that turn of word and must try to remember it when I am in a similar situation.

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