Residual fever

Sunday June 22, 2008

Not a bad day, all things considered.  Dolly started waking up and wanting cuddles and much attention.  She must think I’ve over the worst of it–she doesn’t do that when I’m poorly.

It was a chill day, celebrating the start of summer, and there was a fair splash of rain now and again.  I’d planned not to need to go out between taking and fetching Graham from West Quantoxhead.  The chill got into my joints, sadly, and I had to nudge the central heating on at its very lowest setting, thus cancelling out some of the economy I achieved by leaving the car parked.

The evening started with the first of a set of two Dr Who episodes.  I’m sorry to say I’m losing interest in them, in the production, and in the characters.  Not a lot left after that though I do admit to an abiding love for Police boxes.

And then, after dinner, to bed, and straight into a deep an exceedingly troubled sleep.  I had the most appalling and disturbing dream and seemed unable to wake myself from it.  Luckily, Graham’s late night call put right to that, and the dream lost its hold on me.  I got up to have a warm drink, thinking that possibly it was dehydration that’d triggered the darn thing.  Watched a bit of telly, assuring myself that the world was still there and, for all of its ugliness, much the same as I’d left it.

Back to bed, sleep, and another long, vivid dream.  Not unpleasant, just vivid.

I think I’ll put the dreams down to the residual fever I still have in me.

9 responses to “Residual fever

  1. I hope you’re completely well very soon. I always found the “in-betweens” hard to deal with. I’m glad you’re on the mend. 🙂 Take care. And a hello to Dolly.

  2. Bad dreams are very unsettling. I always feel like they should have a meaning even though they are probably just caused by a fever or something. Hope you are really better soon.

  3. Be sure to see the Dr Who episode titled “Blink”, It won all sorts of awards, and deservedly so.

  4. I sometimes thing that if only they had opposable thumbs our feline friends could be excellent doctors.

  5. I also sometime think it would good if my fingers were better at typing.

  6. Mercy the dream fairy must be running amuck. Two nights in a row of em for me. 🙂

  7. I always talk to myself after uncomfortable dreams. I tell myself that everything is OK – it was just a dream…as I patter out to the kitchen, looking around me as if this house is someone else’s. By the time I’ve made myself a cuppa tea, the fog usually starts to lift and I’m a bit more myself. It is quite unnerving when it’s happening.

    Sleep well tonight, John.

  8. I had some awful dreams while trying to sell.It’s the uncertainty and of not being able to control things.Of course being unwell doesn’t help.Hope you got a better night !

  9. Thank goodness Dolly is around.

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