Tuesday June 24, 2008

A flat, featureless day, with little sun and less joy.  It’s always the same when I have to sack someone and even an estate agent is ‘someone’.  Darn it, I liked the bloke.

Doesn’t make it any easier when the ‘sackee’ doesn’t take well to being sacked.  Darn it, a professional man is supposed to behave in a dignified and professional manner.

Hey ho.  I was gentle.  And polite.  And, throughout, firm. He is gone.

Then, dragging and screaming protest all the way, Graham took me off to Bridgwater to select a replacement agent.  Being fair, he didn’t want to go either but, this once, his will was harder to set aside than mine.

We promenaded along the main drag, inspecting agency premises from the outside, trying very hard to get down to a short-list of one while, at my insistence, not ruling all the rest permanently out of court. “Just in case,” I said.  “You never know what may happen.”

The young lady from the new agency will come along on July 8 to “get the ball rolling.”

Hey ho.

We felt the need of decent coffee.

“Let’s go in Costa Coffee,”  Graham said.

“Well, ok.  Your coffee at home is better, though.”

“Thanks, but it’s not the same.”

So we had coffee that just didn’t taste right, wandered around the enormous, loud, garish ‘sports’ shop in search of a new t-shirt for me until I began to panic and adopted the big round eyes of a little boy who’s close to tears. I was promptly rescued.  We drove across town to Sainsbury’s, grabbed provisions, and then home.

“Hello, Dolly,” I said as I stepped through the door.  “You don’t know how lucky you are, old girl.”

She looked at me, a little puzzled but determined not to admit to it.

My lunch was a large piece of a cottage-style loaf, about an ounce and a half of best quality cheddar cheese, from Cheddar, and a small bowl of really tasty coarse-cut coleslaw.


“I suppose that a chap who has heroically faced the demons of Bridgwater estate agency wouldn’t have earned a glass of wine to go with his lunch?” I said.

“You suppose right.  You may have wine at lunch time when you’re seventy-nine.”

“I shall hold you to that.  You may think I’ll have forgotten it by then but I guarantee you I shall not.”

“You always did say I was good for you.”



8 responses to “Pshaw!

  1. It is rather a shame the most recent agent had to be sacked as it seemed he rather knew his business. If he hadn’t decided that he knew *yours* better than you do, he’d still be in the game.

  2. Oh, John, please tell Graham that I think he was sorely mistaken in not permitting a glass of white wine with that deliciously wonderful looking lunch. All it needed, actually, was a lovely glass of it to make a lunch perfect enough to start angels humming and strumming their harps. But, caution! Please note I did say _A_ glass.

  3. June 8? Hmmmm, have you taken on someone from the Torchwood contingent in Cardiff as your new estate agent or borrowed the TARDIS from Dr. Who?


    Oh dear. Thanks, Jim, both for the wary eye and the Torchwood/Doctor Who? thought. I’d get a deal of satisfaction out of a time machine just now. Only need to use it two or three times…

  4. Well shoot I missed that June 8th bit too. June 28th? July 8th? 🙂

    I’ve never had the privilege of watching a solicitor whine. Around here they would probably threaten with a lawsuit.

  5. Mary Lee, there’s noone who cold say it as it is better than you! And I still think that if we hire someone/an agent, it’s his job to pursue our interests and not of another party.

  6. yes, I was in Dick’s sporting goods the other day, none of the minumum wage teens working the floor could help and with the music and overflowing racks and all, I was thoroughly confused and worn out….shopping online is so much easier

  7. “adopted the big round eyes of a little boy who’s close to tears”

    Oh dear. Not attractive AT ALL in someone over 5 years of age. That made me laugh, knowing that you are a senior citizen.

  8. That lunch looked lovely, but I do think a glass of wine would have set it off perfectly!

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