Until tomorrow

Wednesday June 25, 2008

One of those days when, possibly because I’ve been shifted from pillar to post, all my time scurried off into the corners like mice disturbed at a midnight barn dance.

“You’ll have to move,”  Graham said.

“Beg pardon?”

“Come on, shift.  I want to paint the kitchen and you’re in the way.”

“Oh,” I said, sighing deeply.  “Give us a tiny tick to pick up my books.”

I’d been enjoying my mid-morning reading session by the open kitchen french doors.  To warm to close them, not quite warm enough to sit comfortably in the garden.

And so the day went, seemingly being shifted out of the way for this or that from then on.

I gave up mid afternoon and settled down for a good siesta.  Settled too hard, and woke shortly before seven as the Archers tuned up for another deathless fifteen minutes.  Don’t ask me what it was about.  Something organic to do with a garbage digestor and green energy.  Twaddle as usual.  I mean, what’s green about garbage when it’s been digested?

So no, just when I was thinking I’d be sitting down to write another segment of my ‘novel’, I’ve run out of evening and out of energy, green, brown, or purple.  Until tomorrow.

Painting the kitchen


12 responses to “Until tomorrow

  1. You’re painting the kitchen because . . . someone burned the chips and the wall got greasy . . . the new agent didn’t approve of the colour . . . Graham is bored . . . or you thought it would make a great photo op? I have rooms that haven’t been painted for years. Interested, Graham?

  2. That man surely does love to paint.

  3. And doesn’t he look marvelous while doing it?

  4. Is that white? A blue white maybe?

    Love that first response! 🙂

  5. I was thinking the same thing as Mary Lee! 😉

  6. It’s Graham. It’s a house. Something must be done to it, but since it’s on the market, major renovations aren’t allowed. Therefore, he paints.

  7. Wish you could bottle up some of Graham’s energy and send it my way.

  8. *Laughing* it’s a standard ‘brilliant white’ — that is a flat white with brighteners and reflective agents added. Picks up the colour of the light, and of lighting, and of adjacent furnishings. Looks horrid when the room is empty, and sells houses well.

    Graham had decided the room, after a year, had become a little tired. I thought he was wrong but I know better than to argue because now that it’s done, it looks better than it ever did.

  9. I always like my kitchen white.It always looks clean and fresh.The other half who was a fireman,once came in from his night shift on duty covered in paint.When asked why ,sheepishly admitted that someone had left something on the stove and the kitchen had smoke damage.So the crew had to repaint the entire kitchen before the next crew came on duty at 8.30!Wouldn’t tell me though,who the guilty party was!

  10. Graham’s obviously a fast painter – the brush is a mere blur 🙂

  11. Beryl says it all. He must have been very bored. I thought it was ready to sell. And that agent. Didn’t he wake up and realize he had boo booed? Silly man. I’m a couple of days behind your adventures because I got that last cold, but I’m caught up now and know the new agent will do you right.

  12. looks fantastic, quite sharp!

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