Now the whole world knows

Home from dropping Graham off at the caravan, to find a massive wad of papers waiting for me from the solicitor–forms to be read and ticked off.  It’ll take me all day tomorrow to fill that lot in.  Just my luck for them to arrive the day Graham takes himself off.  Now there’s no way I can fob the job off onto him.

I’ll have them all done and wrapped up together with the HIP and the other job ready for hand delivery on Monday.  It’ll make a good excuse for me to drive over to Minehead and, once there, to take a stroll along the front with a big, greasy bag of chips in my hand.

Then, tummy filled with my routine first day home alone lunch–rosti, egg, and fried tomatoes, I was just settling down when I heard a strange little noise outside.  The little man with the van had been outside pinning a ‘SOLD’ notice over the previous ‘For Sale’ sign.  Now the whole world knows.


Sold, probably


11 responses to “Now the whole world knows

  1. And when the sign is modified to removed “subject to contract” we can have a really big virtual party!

  2. What a beautiful sign which makes my heart pound… 🙂

  3. It makes you feel good to see it ,doesn’t it?

  4. Marvelous! Congratulations on the sale.

    As a dweller near places that could be have “by-the-sea” appended to their names, I liked the photographs you posted earlier today. The restaurant looks as if it would feel quite at home along the Rhode Island coast.

    When I saw the thumbnails at the bottom of the entry, I skipped over the intervening text to quickly click on each of them in turn. “Gee, that looks just like a nuclear power plant off in the distance there” and then returned to the thumbnails and saw your comments above the thumbnails saying that was what it was.

  5. Hurray!

  6. Good thing I came back to see your answer to ‘who’ or I’d missed this. 🙂 Wonder if they updated the listing on their web page?

  7. Congratulations, John, Graham & Dolly. And so, the adventure continues and moves forward … I can’t wait to hear about it as it unfolds. I’ve heard that Wales is a beautiful place.

  8. I’m going to drink to this tonight!

  9. I’m sure it was Graham’s final coat of paint what dun it! Congratulations!

  10. So happy to hear that you sold your house. Now you get to create another home. And, with luck, we will all share in the adventure. I have so much enjoyed your photos and descriptions of your various homes over the years. I hope that you and Graham share a bottle of bubbly, and that Dolly gets a sardine.

  11. Still cheeering here.

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