I don’t move so fast

Saturday June 28, 2008

Yesterday fizzled along softly after the excitement of the SOLD sign. I leafed through the five-part stack of forms to be sure I have all the information I need to process them tomorrow, and put them on one side ready to get them done and dusted this morning when I’ve finished here.

Today is going to have to be quiet, too, because I going to get that job done if it kills me.  It won’t of course, but I may well do serious damage to anyone who interrupts me once I get going.

I’ve started on a list of the things we need to do before completion.  High among them is to verify the status of the bungalow we liked so much–it’s still showing as ‘Sold subject to contract’ but that could have changed and we may still be in with a chance.  That would make our stay in the caravan very short indeed.

I do seriously need a quiet day to get these papers done, though.  There was a time when I’d have been able to zap through them between first and second coffees of the day.  I don’t move so fast now.


Promenade, Burnham-on-Sea
made for slow strolls


6 responses to “I don’t move so fast

  1. Eeegads, John & Co! I go off to work and don’t come in here for a few days and you sold your house! Good for you. How exciting. I love the phase of “moving with the Bailey’s” – I hope it goes smoothly and that you find your perfect nest.

  2. oh, the world is yours now, isn’t it? wonderful!

  3. Ha!! Ha!! glad to hear you are selling at last. May all go smoothly. Have a great day. Skob

  4. Oh, you will get through them, just not in a flash. Boy those packages have gotten so much thicker now too.

  5. I hate filling in all the paperwork .It just seems endless.Loved the photo : )

  6. 😉

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