Moving on

Sunday June 29, 2008

Graham is working a longer weekend than usual ‘to get the season going’.  Yup.  The ‘season’ has started, with the arrival of the first batch of genuine holiday makers in place of the more usual special eventers.  The first two weeks tend to be mostly old folks, with special needs people coming along for the second week.  Then it turns over to ‘family’ weeks, easing back down again in September to a return of the oldies.  I’m not going to say or think anything bad about it because the chances are we’ll be living there for our short inter-house period somewhere around mid-August.

There’s a plus-side about the longer weekend, too.  Gives me a better chance to get the household files in good order, and the outstanding shredding done.  Seems that, last February, I solved the problem by bundling up a load of paper and shoving it down the front of my files.  Sometimes I get round the ‘be sure your sins will find you out’ situation on household filing by saying that I may be dead first.

Either way, I’m on course for an early morning trip with Graham to the solicitor with all the paper work done needed to kick the sale off on the legal side.  That’ll be a good job done.  My next task is to root through all my clothes cupboards and drawer and to dispose of anything I’ve not worn for more than two years.  That’s most of it.  How much clothing does a retired, sedentary bloke need anyway?

I phoned the agent in Swansea yesterday to check on the status of the house we liked so much from the description and the aerial shots.  It’s in the final stages of the legalities, with a cash buyer.  Hey ho.  There are more.  I told the young woman how well it fitted our needs and she was kind enough to put a PDF file of about eight similar properties together and send it to me via email.

Not a single one of them is on the Internet sales site!  We knew this was likely to be the case, but not quite as markedly.  So, even though the technology is there to do all the foot work in the comfort of your computer room, going off on your viewing tour only when you’ve arrived at a very short list to physically visit, it still comes down to trawling the agents, reading piles of house particulars in a local coffee house, and setting up your own tour.

We’ll be trolling over to Swansea (a two-hour drive) one day during the coming week to get a feel for it all.

Hey ho.  Busy is good for me, I know that.  I’d rather be sitting by the seaside, though.

By the seaside


8 responses to “Moving on

  1. Isn’t it surprising how good Burnham can look in a photograph? Where are all the grockles? Great photo though.

  2. They were all off sheltering from the slightly chilly wind. Soon as it drops, though, the grocks come plodding out of the tearooms and boarding houses, beachward bound!

    It’s cheating, taking photos at the seaside. So many good subjects…

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing the places you are going to view.

  4. Sounds as if you have a good buyers’ agent, John, on the Swansea leg of this journey. Here’s hoping she does as much of the digging and trawling as an agent can reasonably do so that your trip yields worthwhile viewings.

  5. Congratulations on selling the house and being so organized. Now comes the pleasant suspense about “Next!”

  6. Well now, to figure out if you just didn’t notify yesterday or if your list thing isn’t working properly. 🙂 No bigee I got here.

    I would like to join you on the beach if I may? Would I be called a grockle? lol

  7. You know, I am confused. Didn’t Graham quit the bar job?

    Yes, he did. But he agreed to work weekends there pending our move or their successful recruitment of a replacement; they operate on the head in sand principle and have made no visible effort to recruit… So the way things are he’ll continue working there on a part-time basis until we actually move in to the next house.

  8. Maybe they don’t believe the move will happen. Hah, little do they think they know.

    Bet it will be difficult to find a replacement for Graham. Very difficult.

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