We shall see how it pans out

Monday June 30, 2008

Late yesterday evening I pushed my chair back from the desk, announced to the world that my brain hurt, and plodded off downstairs to cook my [late] dinner.  The filing is done.  The forms are all filled in.  The letter to the solicitor is done.  All that’s needed before we motor the assembled pack over to Minehead tomorrow is a couple of signatures from Graham.

So, what shall I do with myself today, then?

My first feeling is that I’ve earned a quiet day at home, dozing happily until it’s time to go collect Graham tonight.  On the other hand, I do need to get some tasty, healthy food in for myself so an outing seems appropriate at some point.

We shall see how it pans out after an egg-on-toast breakfast. It’d be even better by the seaside.

By the seaside


10 responses to “We shall see how it pans out

  1. You’d really deserve a nice, tasty, lovely lunch at the seaside! 🙂

  2. I second that, John, this has been a long process and you’re well overdue for a reward. I’m so excited for your new adventures 🙂

  3. I bet you feel pretty darn relaxed now that there’s the offer.

  4. The next place close to seaside?

  5. “It’d be even better by the seaside.”

    Everything is better by the seaside!

  6. Shirley, in PA

    I echo Jim’s sentiments. Love the photo you included.

  7. Swansea is a seaside town, with its own port and set in a large-ish bay. The Welsh name is ‘Abertawe’, literally ‘mouth’ of the [river] Tawe. Very old, very historic. Parts of the town are actually ‘on’ the sea but they are far too expensive for us to think about.

  8. Utterly fascinating info there, John. I am expecting some wonderful marine pictures from you, both from your camera and from some John Bailey water colors, please? Perhaps something a bit higher and just a glimpse of the sea? That would do me just fine! But please, do NOT expect me to try to get my mouth around any of those wonderful but unprounceable Welsh names.

  9. I have learned from my years of living in San Francisco that living right at the water’s edge is hard on the house. Graham would be painting and repairing all of the time.

    My ideal site would be an easy stroll away, with a few trees around and a completely detached one story house.

  10. Wonderful. You seem to be ramping up and getting ready for the sea again.

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