Nothing quite like it

Tuesday July 1, 2008

There.  That’s June done, the house is under offer (SOLD, to the optimists among us) and all the main paperwork is not just done it’s double-done, filed and delivered.

The drive over to Minehead today, with a stop-off in Williton on the way, was rather heavy.  Graham was tired from his working weekend and I was just as tired from mine.  And it was hot.  At times, air-conditioner hot. In-car a/c has to be the most wonderful extension to the concept of car safety and comfort since pneumatic tires.

Driving into the town from the solicitor’s office we were a trifle overwhelmed to find it crowded, hot, teeming with happy grockles (grockles tend to be happy in the sunshine, at least until the burning starts), and just slightly off-centre to our quiet little world.

“Why are we here?” Graham asked.

“We were thinking of stopping off for a visit.”

“What a silly idea.”

“Yup.  Let’s go get provisions and see how soon we can get home.”

So, we’re home, Sally our solicitor has all the paperwork she needs to get the deal going, the buyer’s valuation/survey is ticking into life with an appointment due ‘in the next couple of days’, and we’ve both of us had enough of the house game for a little while.

Our visit to Swansea has been put off until next week.  All we really want to do is sleep.  And that’s what we’ll do our damnedest to achieve during the remainder of this week.  Sleep.  Glorious sleep.  Nothing quite like it.

Under the pavilion


5 responses to “Nothing quite like it

  1. You’re quite right when you say: “In-car a/c has to be the most wonderful extension to the concept of car safety and comfort…” I don’t know what I’d do ‘cept run somebody over, if it weren’t for the a/c!

    Both you and Graham get some much needed rest. You’re overdue.

  2. Pleasant dreams!

  3. I can vouch for car a/c. 🙂 As I can for sleep. Would you mind telling Chan 5 a.m. is not acceptable either?

  4. Most pleasant dreams to you both and to Dolly!!!! 🙂

  5. Night night sleep tight!

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