This is by no means the first instance of my ‘on-line journal’ or, as we say nowadays, my ‘blog’.  And it’s far from being the first instance of my ‘journal’, which started back in the mid-1950s, written painstakingly day after day in foolscap sized hard-cover notebooks. Quite a lot of them.

Let’s not get lost in the past, though.

My on-line journal started life as a hand-coded html entity in my free space at www.btinternet.com in 1998.  Soon enough, that free space was too small, and then disappeared, so the journal migrated from place to place, always growing, until it fetched up in a tranche of webspace donated by a friend in the USA.

In January 2007, the well-established html began to creak at the seams. Indeed, it threatened to collapse under the load.

As did I. I got so tired of coding html journal entries you’d not believe.

So. I went for the ‘blog’ and haven’t regretted my decision once. I’m currently moving my old journal entries from their html home on to wordpress.com, and shall, one day, complete the task.

All I can hope for is that when wordpress.com disappears, or changes so that I don’t like being here anymore I shall not have to convert, manually, each and every entry that happens from now until then, along with the huge backlog of older entries.

Because that’s what it’s about. Journal writing, that is. Day after day. Year after year. The entry count mounts until, one day, it stops.

And then it’s all the business of literary executors.

Good luck to you. If my shade is around, I shall smile.

John Bailey
Somerset, April 2007