Quite interesting, really

Thursday May 1, 2008

Some days seem to disintegrate, in spite of the most careful planning.  We’d thought of popping over to Street to seek out a couple of bargain shirts for me in the Viyella factory shop.  I wanted to go early but Graham wanted to wait for the postman in anticipation of a new LP from Portishead.  Portishead won, of course:

How could they not?  Sadly, the postman was on go-slow, and didn’t turn up until two-thirty.  And did not have the expected LP.

So that wiped out my new shirts trip.

“We’ll go tomorrow, promise,” said Graham.

“No, don’t promise,” I said.  “We seem to be in the midst of a winds of change period and promises are dangerous at such times.”

“Ok.  You’re right.  Best efforts, though?”

“That you got.”

And then I settled down to work through the latest house viewing.  They seemed to be a nice couple, and said they liked the house a lot.  Graham wasn’t too sure about them, though.  In my brief encounter, and taking into account their story and that from the agent, I think we have a 50/50 chance of snaring them. We’ll probably get feedback today (Thursday).

I finished off converting journal files for March 2005, and started setting up for April.  March 2005 was a nice month, on review.  I’ve no particular recollection of the following April, though, and shall enjoy re-reading the files as I work on them today and tomorrow.  The pictures seem to be a motley collection;  these are clickable thumbs to show what I mean by motley.

I’d better go apologise to Dolly for describing her as motley.  She’ll be wanting her breakfast, too, and dire things are liable to happen if she waits too long.  Especially if she has a baseball bat to hand.

And so we face a Thursday with all that it may and may not hold.  I gotta admit that these times are being, well, quite interesting, really.


10 responses to “Quite interesting, really

  1. Excellent! So reminds me of our cat Meg, alas deceased. Meg used most of the tactics/hints in the video plus an attack by stealth whereby she would climb up the end of the bed, get under the duvet and nip my toes (never my wife’s). She didn’t quite graduate to a baseball bat though! She founded a mini-dynasty of two generations of beautiful cats and outlived all of them! Meg was a looker like Dolly and bossed our English Pointer around something awful – although she loved him really! She could often be found curled up asleep against him on the sofa. Pleased to hear your trip to the Docs was fine.

  2. Heh, Simon’s cat! That is very much like Tiger trying to gently suggest that it is time for preparation of his breakfast.

  3. I especially like the bottom watercolor

  4. It seems the trick to getting house viewers is to plan an alternate project that requires getting out of the house (postman notwithstanding). Keep working at those shirts, John, and the house will be sold sooner rather than later.

  5. Simon’s cat makes me ponder any bats about for Chandler. 🙂 Nah he does a good job of dragging me up.

    Shan’t hold my breath on house viewers. Long time until you tell us tomorrow they are buying.

  6. Dolly has a way of standing out, well above any rumor of motley, so I don’t think you need worry on that score. In the meantime, house sale mojo is wafting about and fingers are crossed, just to add to the muscle of it.

  7. I first assumed that you meant the black-and-white of the pouting young man when you mentioned “motley.” [giggle] Your paintings are a real treat. I savour them!

    Wendy is right. Plan all sorts of errands and the viewers will flock around like sheep in a country lane.

    Best of Luck!
    ~ Sil

  8. Wonderful video! Made my morning after an awakening similar…Just great

  9. Loved the cat video… Our 7 take turns with all but the baseball bat. They also try rattling plastic bags or knocking little things off the dresser.

    Good luck with the house viewers!

  10. That’s mine! That’s mine! The bottom one on the left. Oh I love it, and it’s sitting right here on my desk in a frame. Thank you, Thank you, I love having a JB Original.


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